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The Coaching Odyssey is a partnership between Blue Egg Leadership and IntraAwareness Coaching. We strive to enhance coaches’ capacity to positively impact their clients through our carefully crafted Odyssey Modules™. We are calling all prolific coaches who are ready to move beyond all limitations! By attending our Coaching Odyssey Modules™ you will level up your coaching strategies, reach more clients, and expand your coaching business. Ignite your effectiveness in individual and group coaching by developing the four areas of personal leadership, coaching capacities, communicating your brand and raising your financial IQ.

The Coaching Odyssey is an ICF accredited coaches training program. Receive 47.5 CCEUs by attending both Module 1 and Module 2

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    Leadership and Wellness coaching is a exceptional process that provides clients with feedback, insights, and guidance from an outside vantage point. At Blue Egg Leadership, we produce a co-created environment that ignites passion for your life, career, and ultimate goals. Our Triad Solution embraces the philosophy of leadership, wellness and media to unleash your potential and assist you in becoming your best.

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    IntraAwareness Coaching is designed to help develop and elevate Coaches and their clients. Our Coaches aim to achieve personal success in every area of life knowing that they can only bring their clients as far as they themselves are willing to go.We train and elevate Coaches by optimizing the ‘Four Pillars’ of a human being that one already has available; Body, Mind, Consciousness and Wealth. Our continuing goal is to build a community of thriving, interconnected people, who find fulfillment in their journey inwards, being fully present in their own lives and available to take their clients to the furthest edges of expansion.
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Greg Poskas

With a passion for life-long learning, Greg has spent his career sharing this with others in different environments such as team training in a corporate setting and adjunct instructing at private colleges. He has worked developing a variety of multimedia content, and has experience in photography, video, editing, voice acting, acting, web production and animation.

His goals are now to bring this experience to others so they can find the best means to promote their businesses and organizations. He does this using experiences gained from completing his Masters of Business Administration with an emphasis on Marketing which allows him to guide others in the establishment of their online presence and best use of social mobile network platforms.


  • CIW: Site Development Foundation
  • Adobe Certified Associate: Photoshop
  • Adobe Certified Associate: Flash

Additional Specializations:

Greg’s extensive experience in award winning multimedia projects were regularly utilized by Fortune 500 companies around the world. He brings this same high level of quality and creativity to his clients’ projects and business needs.

Training Experience:

Greg’s training experience began as Imaging Director at an internet marketing firm in Virginia where he trained all of the new team members for over seven years in the production areas such as photography, image editing, HTML, XML, CSS, Flash animation, and proprietary production techniques for the business. After transitioning to Minnesota, he trained crew members in camera operations and control room processes as Video Director. It was at this point that Greg realized how rewarding it is to teach, and became an adjunct instructor at a local college where he taught three different classes over the course of three years. Now, through his work with Blue Egg Leadership, he has enjoyed training others in the processes of branding, social media, and marketing techniques for over three years.

Dr. Denise A. Trudeau Poskas

As an author, leadership speaker, dynamic coach and human strategist, Dr. Dee has empowered individuals, teams, organizations and communities to connect to their strengths, choose their mindset, and develop their emotional intelligence. Assimilating fields of positive psychology, coaching, Neuroleadership, emotional intelligence, and communication she empowers leader resiliency and consciousness. She has been a coach and trainer avidly is since 2003, focusing on leadership development in organizations and teams. With over twelve advanced certifications in leadership training, intra preferences, and assessments, as a mentor coach and coach she has not only a depth of knowledge, but a unique breadth of strategies to move any individual or culture forward to synergistic innovation.

She is an authentic coach to national leaders, small businesses, nonprofits, and communities, and has engaged audiences both small and large nationally and internationally. As a certified coach and mentor coach, Dr. Trudeau Poskas has worked consistently with groups and individuals in organizational, community, and higher education settings. Her participants demonstrate both personal and empirical testimony of behavior changes, emotional intelligence growth, and enhanced leadership capacities.

She has also presented, published and worked nationally and internationally on emotional intelligence, positivity, building innovative and powerful teams, creating breakthroughs, and developing leadership resiliency and consciousness. As a Professor of Leadership since 2005, she designed leadership programs, train the trainer programs, and leadership curriculum both nationally and internationally. Since 2002, she has presented at International Leadership Association, International Association of Community Development, International Coaching Federation Chapter, and Institute of Behavioral and Applied Management.

Jeremiah Rangel

Jeremiah Rangel has invested over 120,000 hours in developing his professional coaching & training practice. His passion for helping others overcome their limitations and realize their full human potential is felt in all he does, he truly walks the walk of self-discovery and personal success. He is a transformative coach and trainer who approaches his work with obvious passion and expertise. Jeremiah is there to remind us that, “You have the infinite ability to break-through every invisible wall that is holding you back on your life’s journey and transform them into positive resources that propel you forward!”

Beyond advising executive business clients, Jeremiah has also created the IntraAwareness Coaching System; an educational portal where leaders and change-makers come to gain additional skills, tools and resources that positively influence and transform their own clients.


  • Practitioner & Master Practitioner of Humanistic-Neuro Linguistic Psychology™, 2005
  • Practitioner & Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming™, 2005
  • Master Ericksonian Hypnotherapist, 2005
  • Certified NLP Trainer, 2015
  • Certified Hypnosis Trainer, 2015

Additional Specializations:

  • Partnering with local non-profits to mentor young adults with obstacles to overcome to help inspire, motivate and guide them to their own purpose in life. He is doing this now through a Midwest regional organization.
  • Keynote speaking and conference presentations on Coaching and Motivation: Jeremiah has been invited to speak at multiple international and local engagements throughout 2017.

Amanda Rangel

Amanda Graduated from St. Thomas University with a major in Commercial Real Estate Studies and a core in finance and economics, she quickly moved into the finance side of commercial real estate focusing on acquisitions, dispositions and refinance. While working for national Investment Fund she managed the closing process for over $1.5 billion in commercial properties. During this time of working with high net worth families throughout the country she noticed a substantial difference in mindset between those who lived in financial freedom (Investment Lifestyle), versus those working paycheck to paycheck (Employee Mentality).

She takes all of the positive lessons from her background of finance in the corporate world, blends it with a deep intuitive and spiritual connection and tops it off with positively transformational Neuro-Linguistic Psychology techniques to educate clients about the basics of finance, health and wealth to discover their own personal path to financial health and wellbeing.

Training Experience:

Amanda’s Training experience has been a lifelong journey that began when she became a piano teacher at the age of 16. The tendency to lead and teach officially formed as a MNCREW Co-Chair for Crew Careers where she organized the logistics and budget of this annual event while working with Girl Scout Troops throughout Minnesota. Since 2010 Amanda has been a Oneness Trainer teaching workshops across the country on the topics of personal growth, spirituality and healing. Through her work with IntraAwareness she hosts weekly classes focused on personal health and wellness and is a teacher assistant in monthly three-day workshops, which certify NLP Practitioners.