Dr. Denise A. Trudeau Poskas

Leadership Coach – Visionary Strategist – Inspired Leader

As an author, leadership speaker, dynamic coach and human strategist, Dr. Dee has empowered individuals, teams, organizations and communities to connect to their strengths, choose their mindset, and develop their emotional intelligence. Assimilating fields of positive psychology, coaching, Neuroleadership, emotional intelligence, and communication she empowers leader resiliency and consciousness. She has been a coach and trainer avidly is since 2003, focusing on leadership development in organizations and teams. With over twelve advanced certifications in leadership training, intra preferences, and assessments, as a mentor coach and coach she has not only a depth of knowledge, but a unique breadth of strategies to move any individual or culture forward to synergistic innovation.

She is an authentic coach to national leaders, small businesses, nonprofits, and communities, and has engaged audiences both small and large nationally and internationally. As a certified coach and mentor coach, Dr. Trudeau Poskas has worked consistently with groups and individuals in organizational, community, and higher education settings. Her participants demonstrate both personal and empirical testimony of behavior changes, emotional intelligence growth, and enhanced leadership capacities.

She has also presented, published and worked nationally and internationally on emotional intelligence, positivity, building innovative and powerful teams, creating breakthroughs, and developing leadership resiliency and consciousness. As a Professor of Leadership since 2005, she designed leadership programs, train the trainer programs, and leadership curriculum both nationally and internationally. Since 2002, she has presented at International Leadership Association, International Association of Community Development, International Coaching Federation Chapter, and Institute of Behavioral and Applied Management.